Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"A Norwich House" by Harold Flemming Yelf

Another interesting acquisition from Ebay this week consists of a grey-scale water colour signed by H.F. Yelf. This would seem to be the work of Harold 'Harry' Flemming YELF an Isle of Wight Yelf who settled down as an architect in Norwich.

Harold was born on 14th March 1834 on the Isle of Wight - probably at Newport as he was one of six children born to William Wheeler YELF and his wife Jane (nee OUTRIDGE). You might recall the unfortunate demise of his father from earlier posts on here and as his brother William Richard YELF took over what must have been a business in trouble, 'Harry' might have found it politic to make a clean start far away from any lingering scandal. He married Ann BERRY at St George's, Hanover Square London had a total of seven children in all before dying in 1895 at the age of sixty in Norwich.

The item was originally listed as being by W.F. YELF, and at first glance it does look a little like a W, as you can see in the picture below.

Harry seems to
have been a pretty successful architect and his company Searle, Son & Yelf were commissioned for many buildings, including churches and the Holloway Workhouse! Altogether a very nice item to pick up and I just have to see about getting it framed now...

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