Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ginger Beer & typwriters

I tend to keep a look out for any Yelf-related items that come up for sale, even if I don't actually end up buying them.  so I was interested to see a Yelf ginger beer bottle advertised recently as one half of a pair. They were going for £15 plus £5 postage which was a bit rich for me so I gave them a miss this time round. Nice looking bottle though...
"The Property of Yelf & Co. Ltd. Ryde & Sandown"
The second item up for auction is one of Henry Yelf's typwriters. Henry holds several patents in the world of typwriters including the typwriter eraser that I bought a couple of years ago. Here's one of his, now slightly battered, portable typwriters. You can see his nameplate to the left above the keyboard

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