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Yelf Wills (1916 - 1948)

1916 LEONARD LANE YELF Of Little Compton Warwickshire Gentleman d.6 Dec 1915 at Cottage Hospital Moreton in the Marsh Gloucestershire Probate 22 March to Alice May Yelf widow Birmingham £5276

1917 GEORGINA MARIA YELF Of Lyndale Head St Sandown IOW (wife of Richard Adolphus Yelf)d.14 Nov 1915 Probate 2 Jan to Richard Yelf retired wine merchant

1918 FRANK YELF Of 60 Rathmore Rd Charlton Kent d. 11 June 1918 Probate to Eliza Jane Yelf widow London £361

1919 ROBERT YELF Of 142 Wellmeadow Rd Catford Kent d.25 August 1919 Probate to the Public Trustee £567

1921 MARCIA YELF Of St Leo 22 Raymond Rd Wimbledon Surrey widow d.22 FEB 1921 Probate to Amy Percival Yelf spinster and Reginald Yelf Marvin clerk
London £4009
(resworn £4495)

1922 RICHARD ADOLPHUS YELF Of Lyndale Leed St Sandown IOW d.30 Dec 1921 Probate 25 April to Frederick Yelf Fishmonger and Beauclerc Bennett Beckinsale solicitor
Wells £3040 (resworn £3239)

1922 ROBERT YELF Of Burcoat Rd Wells rtd. Insurance Agent d.18 March 1922 Probate Elizabeth Yelf widow
Wells £791

1923 EDWARD GEORGE YELF Of 26 Queens Rd Salisbury d.22 Dec 1922. Probate to Louisa Yelf (widow)
Salisbury £156

1924 ALICE MAUD YELF Of Hazelmount, Shide Cross, Newport IOW, wife of Francis Herbert Wheeler Yelf, died 25 Dec 1924. Probate to Francis Herbert Wheeler Yelf company director and George Alford Kingwell farmer
IOW £2627

1925 JANE ADAM YELF Of Leasingham, Moreton Avenue Harpenden Hertfordshire, widow, died 28 Feb 1926 Probate to Robert Edward Burnet Yelf MRCS £217

1926 JOHN BURNET YELF Of Kay A Lami, Roughdown Rd Hemel Hempstead died 28 Feb 1926 Probate to Blanche Mary Yelf widow and Robert Edward Burnet Yelf, surgeon £3441

1928 AMY PERCIVAL YELF Of 5 Craven Gardens Wimbledon Surrey, spinster died 11 Oct 1928. Probate to Janet Hardy (wife of Basil Edward Hardy) and Ada Joel, spinster £1481

1931 THOMAS HARRY YELF Of 9 Riverside Rd Norwich died 31 Dec 1930 at Sea Probate to Edith Theresa Yelf, widow £413 10/6d

1932 LOUISA YELF Widow, of New Malden Surrey Probate to Florence Yelf

1934 CATHERINE FENWICK YELF Of 81 Exeter St Salisbury, widow died 23 June 1934 to Clara Elizabeth Manning, spinster
Winchester £4854 17/5d

1934 ELIZABETH YELF OF Shirley Wells, widow, died 2 March 1934 at Avalon Margate Road, Ramsgate. Probate to Alfred Robert Yelf, Water Works Inspector.
£949 2/1d

1934 ROBERT HERVE YELF Of Gurney Ct Norwich died 15 July 1934 at the Cottage Hosp. Horley Surrey. Probate to Robert Edward Burnet Yelf rtd. Medical practitioner
London £7031 19/9d
(Resworn new grant 6 May 1947 £7011 19/9d)

1935 EDITH HIND YELF Spinster, probate to Frances Hind Yelf IOW

1935 FLORENCE STEANE YELF of Central Hotel 123/125 Cromwell Road Kensington Middlesex, spinster, died 20 Jan 1935 at the Bishop Hannington Memorial Hall, Holmes Av., Blatchington, Hove, Sussex. Probate to Basil Edward Harvey rtd solicitor
London £1017 11/2d

1935 GEORGE HENRY YELF of Stanway, Laural Drive Brundell, Norfolk died 26 Jan 1935 at 32 Surrey St. Norwich¹ÉProbate to Cyril George Brown accountant and Edward Ernest Lofts, secretary
London £3354 8/7d
Resworn £4580 18/7d

1936 ERNEST GEORGE YELF Of 31 Helena Rd Norwich died 30 Sept 1936 at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital. Probate to Edith Elizabeth Yelf widow
£2728 15/5d

1939 BLANCHE YELF Probate to Hilda Mary Yelf, spinster £567

1940 ELIZA MARY YELF Of 151 Earlham Road Norwich. Wife of Cecil William Yelf died 16 Nov 1940 at the Private Patients Home, Norfolk & Norwich Hosp. Probate to Cecil William Yelf architect
Norwich £867 10/-


1942 CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH YELF widow, of Newport, IOW. Probate to Mabel Elizabeth Yelf, spinster Lewes

1942 CLARA MARY FLEMMING YELF Otherwise Clara May Flemming, Otherwise Clara Marie Flemming otherwise Maria Clara otherwise Mary Clara Flemming of Clayton Croft, Hillfield Road, Selsey on Sea Sussex, spinster. Probate to John Forbes Burnet Wing Commander R.A.F.V.R. £4831 18/9d

1943 ALBERT VICTOR YELF OF 34 Oak Hill, Hollesley, Suffolk died 17 Nov 1942 at East Suffolk & Ipswich Hospital. Probate to Dorothy Maud Fanny Yelf, widow. Peter Yelf tool maker appointed an additional administrator.
Ipswich £499 19/9d

1943 CLARA ANN YELF Of 104 St James Sq Newport (wife of Gerald Hind Yelf) 28 Jan 1943. Probate to Gerald Hind Yelf baker
Winchester £255 15/8d

1944 CECIL WILLIAM YELF Of 31 Earlham Road Norwich died 2 Oct 1944 at Brunswick Rd Nursing Home. Probate to Lorna May Alway (wife of George William Alway) and the said Reverend George William Alway, clerk
Norwich £7113 2/7d

1944 ELIZA JANE YELF Of 62 Rathmore Rd, Charlton, London. Probate to Walter Harry Yelf, bottle sorter
Llandudno £571 16/8d

1945 ALFRED ROBERT YELF Of Shirley, Kennion Rd, Wells, Somerset died 15 July 1945É- Probate to Annie Louisa Yelf widow¹
Gloucester £1869 9/2d

1945 EDITH THERESA YELF Of 9 Riverside Rd Norwich died 9 Sept 1945. Probate to Barclays Bank Ltd
Norwich £7130 4/9d

1946 ROBERT EDWARD BURNET YELF To Winifred Ellen Yelf (widow)
Sussex £14,000

1947 FRANCIS HERBERT WHEELER YELF Of Glenfield, Newport IOW died 27 Jan 1947 (1?) Administration (with will) to George Alford Frank Yelf (see 1941), printer and Alice Agnes Ella Gustar, widow
Winchester £3476 14/6d

1947 JOHN LEONARD YELF Of Hillcot Green End Rd, Hemel Hempstead, Herts d.6 March 1947 Probate to Edith Priscilla Yelf widow and Frederick Hancock solicitor.
Birmingham £3657

1947 ROBERT HERVE YELF Of Gurney Ct Norwich d. 15 July 1934 d. at the Cottage Hospital Horley Surrey £2972

1948 FRANCES HIND YELF Spinster, probate to Frances Sutton and Robert Sutton
London £4000

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