Friday, July 20, 2007

Yelf Wills (1865 - 1916)

Day one I say that this is not the best format for posting information in lists and then a week later I start posting lists!

The old Index Yearbooks held at Somerset House provide a certain amount of information even without actually obtaining a copy of the will itself. The following is a transcript of all the entries relating to Yelfs and associated names. It’s also a reminder of the fragility of recording methods as I found the document on an old floppy disc. Sadly there was some difficulty reading the document and it came over with large amounts of strange pagination text that I’ve been manually cleaning up for a good few hours.

As a result I can’t guarantee that the information below is word perfect to the original, so be warned!

For ease of reference I will be posting it in three chronological sections containing the basic information as listed below.


1865 JANE YELF Nov (Wife of William Yelf). Granted to Robert Yelf, son. Winchester Under £800

1875 EMILY HARRIETT YELF 28 Jan: Late of 'Uplands' nr. Ryde IOW County of Southampton, spinster who died 24 October 1874 at Uplands was granted to the Principal Registrary to ROBERT YELF of Uplands, Gentleman, the Father and next of kin. £1,500

1876 JOHN WILLIAM YEALFE 13 Nov. of 6 Union St., Pimlico Rd Pimlico
Mdsx. Grocers assistant d. 11 Feb 1876.Granted to Harriet Yealfe, widow. £100

1877 MARY YELF 28 Nov (Wife of Robert Yelf the Younger) of Kinderton House, Ryde, IOW d.30 May 1877 at Kinderton House. Granted to Robert Yelf the Younger, Kinderton House, Gentleman £300

1880 JAMES YELF 2 March: of Newport IOW d. 13 Dec 1879 at Newport. Granted to George Newman Henton of Newport the brother by the half blood and George Henry Henton of Loverstone Farm in the parish of Carrisbroke in the said Isle yeoman, the Executors £450

1883 ROBERT YELF 20 March: Late of 'Uplands' nr. Ryde IOW in the county of Southampton, Gentleman who died 21 Nov 1882 at Little Compton in the County of Warwick. Proved by Leonard Keatley Yelf of Moreton in the Marsh county Gloucester MD and Frederick Steane Yelf of Keith House Queens Road Wimbledon in the County of Surrey, Gentlemen, the sons the executors. £16,100 7/10d
(Resworn Mar 1892 £17,146 12/d)

1888 EMMA YELF 24 May: Wife of Joshua Yelf, late of 66 Pyle St. Newport IOW d. 1 August 1883. Granted to William Walter Wapshott of 2 Mary St. West Cowes (The brother a legatee) £30

1895 HARRY FLEMMING YELF of 111 Dereham Rd, Heigham, Norwich,
Architect d.28 SEPT 1895. Granted 17 Oct to Ann Yelf Widow, Thomas Harry Yelf, builders manager and Cecil William Yelf architects clerk £358 6/-

1895 WILLIAM THOMAS of Middlesex County Lunatic Asylum near London Tooting, Surrey d.23 JUNE 1895. Probate to Annie Charlotte Yelf widow £165

1896 ROBERT YELF Of Paxford near Chiping Campden Worcestershire London Gentleman d. 10 March 1896. Probate 15 June to Eliza Mary Holme Yelf spinster £4589

1897 JOSEPH YELF Of Hunnyhill Carisbrooke IOW gentleman d. London 29 April 1897 Probate to Frances Hind Yelf spinster and John Hind Yelf carpenter £41 3/11d

1897 WILLIAM RICHARD YELF OF Newport IOW printer d. 28 Sept 1896. Probate London to Edward Hopkins Fox Payn draper and Frederick Kilner bottle manufacturer £683 10/9d

1898 JOSHUA YELF Of 8 Lower St, James St, Newport IOW dyer d.19 Feb 1898. Probate 12 March to Ellen Denton spinster Winchester £240 17/5d

1900 ANN YELF Of 231 Dereham Rd, Heigham Norwich (widow) d.19 Nov Norwich 1900 at 151 Earlham Rd, Heigham. Probate 19 Dec to Thomas Harry Yelf builder/contractor, Ernest George Yelf electrician, Cecil William Yelf surveyor £924

1906 EMMA YEALFE Of 17 St James St Portsea Hants (Wife of Francis David Yealfe Licensed victuallar) £211

1906 HELEN YELF Of Newbury House, Newbury Road Shirley Hants spinster d.6 July 1906. Probate to Robert Yelf insurance agent
Winchester £191 4/10d

1906 JACK ROBERT YELF Of 81 Exeter St Salisbury Retired bank cashier d.23 July 1906 at Shanklin IOW Probate 25 August to Catherine Fenwick Yelf widow Salisbury £2897

1911 FREDERICK STEANE YELF Of 21c Palmeira Mansions Hove Sussex d.27 June 1911 Probate 2 August to Florence Steane Yelf spinster London £3038

1912 LEONARD KEATLEY YELF Of The Chestnuts Bransgrove Hampshire d.3 October 1911 Probate 12 Jan to Jane Adam Yelf widow
London £4103
(re-sworn Robert Edward Burnett Yelf surgeon and Leonard Lane Yelf gentleman £4404)

1916 ANNIE CHARLOTTE YELF Of 4 Camden Av. Peckham Surrey widow d.28 March 1916 at 3 Camden House Camden Av. Probate to Annie Brookes Yelf spinster London £101

1916 LEONARD LANE YELF Of Little Compton Warwickshire Gentleman d.6 Dec 1915 at Cottage Hospital Moreton in the Marsh Gloucestershire Probate 22 March to Alice May Yelf widow Birmingham £5276


Anonymous said...

Hi Yelfy,
What a surprise to find your Yelf Wills (1867-1916) today as you have two connected to our family tree.
Our London Yealfes include John William Yealfe who died in 1876 and his wife Harriet Yealfe.They are my G/Grandparents who in between working in the grocery trade was a Railway Policeman and then Stationmaster for the South Wales Railway! That is why my Grandma Rosina was born in Wales but after marrying my Grandpa lived in Florence Road Wimbledon.
Emma Yealfe (nee Pratt) who died in Portsea in 1906 was the wife of Francis David Yealfe, a carpenter for most of his life, who was the son of John Yealfe,a Grocer,and his wife Anna Maria(nee Williams) and younger brother to John William Yealfe. Their sister Maria Anna emigrated to Australia with her husband and two young children in 1854 - a journey that took 96 days.
All our London Yealfes seem to be spelt this way but I'm sure they must be connected to the Yelfs somewhere along the way.
Look forward to seeing if any one recognises these.Bye the way we have found about a dozen spellings/misspellings of the name in our family history trail including Yelfe,Yelfa,Yeape etc.
Look forward to reading the next comments. Regards from Derbyshire.

Yelfy said...

Hi there Yealfey! Nice to hear from someone with an even rarer name than my own... I'm sure the Yealfe's and the Yelf's come from the same root and it would be fascinating to see if they can be linked at all. Strange that Rosina should also end up living in Wimbledon as there have been several Yelf's there at various times. When I started collecting occurrences of the name it seemed prudent to include the Yealfe's as well as I wasn't ever sure whether they would come in useful - I'm glad they have and will keep my eyes doubly peeled now! said...

Wow just reading this to discover that the Maria Anna Thompson (nee Yealfe) you speak of that moved to Australia in 1854 is my Great Great Great Grandmother. The Yealfe name has been carried on as a second name throughout our history with my grandparents and uncles all having it. I also inteend to continue the tradition.
Rob Thompson

Rob Thompson said...

Would love to hear from the anon writer of the post above.
Contact me at

Yelfy said...

Hi Rob, I'm afraid I can't help you with any contact details for the anonymous post above. I'm a bit reluctant to post my own email on here but I think I'll put a link to the Guild of One-name Studies up on the title page - they will forward any contacts and we might be able to use this site as a means of putting people in contact with each other. Good luck with the research though and let me know if you ever want to post a Yealfe related item up on here. The more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yelfy,
Just to let you know that your site has made two Yealfes very happy and family info is flowing between England and Australia.Many thanks from Derbyshire.

Anonymous said...

That's really good news about the Yealfe's and I'm glad to have been able to provide the connection. If any or either of you fancy writing an entry for the site please do so and send it to the email address at the top of the blog and I'll post it up. You never know, there may be more Yealfe's out there waiting for the call ;-) YELFY