Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yelf Wills (1948 - 1979)

This is the last section of the Will listings, although I do intend to post any details I have of other pre-1800's wills that I've come across over the years, but that may not be for a while.

1948 FRANCES HIND YELF Spinster, probate to Frances Sutton and Robert Sutton
London £4000

1950 ETHEL ALICE YELF Probate to Norman Yelf, husband

1951 SARAH JANE YELF (widow) probate to D.Turner £1946

1952 ANNETTE FRANCES YELF Of 15 Bramham Gardens, Earls Court, spinster, died 5 Nov 1951. Probate to National Provincial Bank £4285

1953 ANNIE LOUISA YELF Of Shirley, Kenion Rd, Wells, Somerset, widow, died 8 Dec 1952 at 'The Infirmary' Glastonbury Wells. Probate (save and excepted settled land) to John Gamble Deeming, chief financial officer and George Bertram Gibson Hand, rtd insurance manager £678

1954 FLORENCE LOUISA YELF 20, Wycombe End, Beaconsfield Bucks, spinster died 24 June 1954 at Islington, Bovey Tracey, Devonshire
Administration (with will) to Lloyds Bank Ltd £7207

1955 FRANCES WILLIAM YELF OBE, of Dream Tor, Hay Tor, Newton Abbot, Devonshire died 11 may 1955 at Louis Trichardt, Transvaal, South Africa. Probate to Lloyds Bank Ltd £16,237

1956 ERNEST WAY YELF Of 38 Cumberland Ct, Festing Road, Southsea
died 23 Dec 1955 at Portsmouth Hospital, Commercial Road. Probate to Frances Alice Yelf, widow
IOW £1245

1957 JOHN HIND YELF Of 10 Worsley Rd Newport died 16 Jan 1957. Probate to George Patrick Kiarney poulterer and Edward Leslie Barnham, poulterers assistant IOW £385

1957 KATHERINE HESTER CASTLEY HARBRIDGE YELF Of 'The Bungalows', Buxhalls, Lindfield at Brooklands Nursing Home Probate to Henry Wilkinson rtd Civil Servant, Dorothy R.M. Wilkinson (wife), Kathleen M. Griffith (widow) £1267

1958 ELIZABETH ADELAIDE ANNIE YELF Of Whitbank, Whitbank Gardens, Shanklin.
IOW £7612

1958 GEORGE ALFORD FRANK YELF Of Lea Bank, Clatterford Road, Carrisbrooke died in the County Hospital, Ryde. Probate to Alice Agnes Ella Gustar Yelf (widow) £12,087

1959 FRANCES ALICE YELF Of 8 Cavendish Road, Southsea. Probate to Olive Targett £1239

1960 WINIFRED ELLEN YELF Of Gurney Cottage, Selsey, widow. Probate to D. Marsh, spinster £10,360

1964 PETER YELF Of 5 Broyle Paddock, Ringmer. Probate to Margaret Yeldon, widow £389

1967 FRANK AMOR WILLIAM YELF Of 29 Doddington Road, London SW11 died at St Stephens Hospital. Probate to Rose Leary £1142

1967 FREDERICK CHARLES YELF Of 4 West Hill Rd, Ryde. Probate to Jean Mary Frampton (married woman) and Hugh David Dryer
IOW £3388

1968 EDWARD GEORGE YELF Flat 3, Ventnor Villas, Hove

1968 EMILY MARY ANN YELF Flat 3, Ventnor Villas, Hove

1970 JANET OLGA YELF 1, Bonner Road, Selsey, Chichester d.15 May 1970 £28,315

1971 MABEL ELIZABETH YELF 1, Neville Street, London SW7 d. 8 January 1971
Probate London 14 April £14,854

1973 EVA MARY INGRAM YELF 41 Wordsworth Rd, Worthing d.16 Feb 1973 Probate Brighton 6 March £1,565

1975 WALTER HARRY YELF 109 Calvert Rd Greenwich London SE10 d.28 Jan
Probate Brighton 10 April £595

1976 ALFRED JOHN LOOS YELF 60 Longfield Road Horsham d. 14 July Administration Brighton 26 August £3019

1977 GERTRUDE MARY YELF 1 Warwick Cottage, St Lawrence Ventnor IOW 28 August
probate Winchester 25 Oct £1626

1977 HILDA MARY YELF Hillcot Green End Rd, Boxmoor Herts d.30 March
Probate Ipswich 16 Dec £60,531

1979 DOROTHY MARY YELF Seven Hills Nursing Home, St Margarets Torquay
13 July Probate Bristol £38,872

1979 NORMAN YELF 7 Walberton Clo. Bognor Regis. Admin with will

Brighton 26 April £1493


Anonymous said...

Hi, Do you know anything about Winifred Yelf? I see from the London Gazette that she was in partnership with Ethel Thornton Berry, with "The Good Luck Tea House" in Aldershot; the partnership was dissolved in 1919. I am researching Ethel Thornton Berry, but have so far not been able to find out much about her. Any leads gratefully received ...

Yelfy said...

Hi Julian
I've just seen you query. Would you like to drop me a line on cliveyelf[at]tiscali/dot/co/dot/uk and I'll see if I can find anything.
All the best

Joseph James said...

I am trying to trace the records of Gertrude hind Yelf, who married Alfred William Starnge in 1893. Do you have any information that might be useful/.
Simon James

Anonymous said...

try the 1939 register for her 3 children or I can give you the details if you cannot access this. I too have them in my line, though not directly.